Niva 3D3

Question Bank and Assessment, Evaluation Platform

You can dynamically monitor the technical and behavioral competence development of your organization with the tests and question bank services specific to your organization. 



Niva 3D3 assesses the efficiency of your technical and personal development training programs by examining them with tests and question bank services tailored for your institution and makes the evaluation of competency-based professional assessment, produces real-time reports supporting HR and Training departments. It monitors and reposrts the progress in technical and behavioral competencies based on person, branch, line of business and region. In this way, it provides performance improvement and personalization in training and increase in efficiency.



Niva 3D3 can be used in the following areas, independently of the sector;

  • Creating a question bank

  • Developing existing question bank by crosschecking with technical and behavioral competencies

  • Seeing the employees getting most benefit from the trainings that you will give after weeks of hiring

  • Identifying the most suitable employees in your organization to appoint as a manager

  • Identifying employees to invite for the Assessment

  • Reporting the development of your organization approprate to the competence set and designing in place trainings

  • Resporting your employees' competency development with objective indexes

  • Personalizing your trainings and using your budget more effectively

  • Making your digital trainings the most effective and motivating the participants while measuring them.

  • Reporting the development of employees with one-touch and quickly

  • Following the entire training/academy structure on the basis of faculties

  • Determining which subjects has the strongest grasp in the trainings and in which of them support is needed

  • Providing objective reporting support for the performance interviews

  • Supporting HR with competency development reports


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